WEDDING:   Ceremony & Reception... check!
SPECIAL EVENT:   You dream it up... we play!
SCHOOL DANCE & PROM:   Big & small...
COLLEGE:   Student & campus life remixed.
SWEET 16:   Make it a next level party!
BAR/BAT MITZVAH:   Out from the rest...
THEME PARTY:   Let's talk about details.
BAR & RESTAURANT:   Bring it on!
IN-STORE APPEARANCE:   Super profile boost.
FASHION SHOW:   Big music & style for days!
COMMUNITY EVENT:   Join us out & about.
BLACK LIGHT DODGEBALL:   Crazy neon fun!
AMBIENT LED UP-LIGHTS:   Add color & accent.
GLOW PARTY:   Black light takeover!
MOBILE PARTY  VAN:   We've partied anywhere... and everywhere!
BONUS MOMENTS:   Just livin' the dream...

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