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  We are a premiere entertainment and events company that specializes in providing excellent DJ's for any occasion.  Let our skilled staff lead your next event towards success with a great music mix to keep the party going.  Music is our passion, quality is key, and we love to entertain!  


  Vingo... So you like bingo, you know some trivia.. and you enjoy music... We play the video clips, you watch & listen, there's tons of singing along (to the best parts of the songs), sometimes even some dancing... and tons of prizes to win!  Schedule a Vingo game for your next event, or check with us for a weekly appearance at your Bar or Restaurant.  See Vingo Schedule


  Ambient LED Up-Lighting enhances architecture and decor, while providing additional illumination and mood to almost any space.  You can add our lighting packages to your event to help create a custom look and experience.  This type of light decor is perfect for Weddings and Special Events.


  Regular trivia can be so dull, and it isn't much fun if you aren't knowledgeable on the topics asked. 


We have the answer! WHAT IF...

• The questions are all subjective

• You already know ALL the answers

• It's super-easy and fun to play

SUM Trivia is the perfect addition to your regular entertainment schedule, or private event.


  Use our industrial Black Light system at your event to make the party POP!  This package enhances decor elements and adds excitement and impact to shine all night.  We offer crazy Glow enhancements for Theme Parties, School Dances, Bar Takeover Events and more!

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